A project by Datameet and CIS

This platform, an initiative of Datameet and the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is an effort towards improvement of our collective knowledge of the water cycle. Water in India being a State subject is largely monitored only by government agencies. While much of the data they collect is difficult to access for the average citizen, many open datasets from remotely sensed imagery of Earth await exploration. Easy access to this data could facilitate more research and conversations on water science. A major hurdle though is the lack of technical knowledge to access this data. What if instead, we had access to a web platform, open, free, accessible to everyone and most importantly intuitive to understand to someone with little technical or programming knowledge.

Water Cycle Infographic
Towards integrated water science

Contact us at pune@datameet.org if you wish to collaborate. We’re looking for anyone with interest/expertise in GIS, Remote Sensing, Web Apps, Hydrology (and related sciences), open data, rural development and communications to work with.