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Respected Sir/Madam,

We are a volunteer group of civil society & programmers working in data related issues relevant to the social sector. We work to improve the quality of public information/data on multiple issues such as public transport, education, city budgets, rural development etc. See http://datameet.org for more info.

As the Pune chapter, we have been working on some Pune-specific and Maharashtra-specific projects. Please see this website for details on our projects: https://datameet-pune.github.io/ . Over the past two years our members have created data visualizations of Pune’s budget data, interactive maps of Pune’s new wards and corporators, worked on refining map data of Maharashtra’s villages, mapped census data at village level, overlaid development plan maps on interactive satellite view and more. All our work is shared open source and the raw data is openly shared so it may help NGOs, researchers in their work.

We are looking for interns for working on one or more of our projects. The projects to work on are all involving real-world data and having great potential for social impact. Upon completion we will encourage the interns to self-publish their work online using Github etc, which will make valuable additions to their resume. DataMeet is a registered NGO and we will provide certificate / letter of recognition to the intern upon successful project work completion.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Sharing more details below.

Who can apply

We can take interns from a variety of backgrounds.

  1. Students studying GIS/mapping, computer science/engineering/application, data science, and similar technical fields. Or fresh graduates looking for job and wanting to improve their profiles.
  2. Students studying social sciences, rural/urban development studies, with an interest in learning to work with data.
  3. Journalism, Mass communication, literature students can also apply. Content writing is a possible internship avenue, where the intern can talk with the team and draft stories on the data work, write for our website, do documentation on the wiki, etc.
  4. Students whose Marathi is better than their English are also invited as a lot of the data we’re working on is in Marathi.
  5. Students studying in class 8th to 12th are also invited for some specific projects.

Whichever background, we can guide the intern on tasks that would be proportionate to their skill sets and there will be opportunities for learning by doing. We also have tasks that do not require any initial specialized skill set but the intern will learn useful skills on the job.

Work parameters

The work schedule on the internship is flexible (full time and part time options) and most of the work can be done from home, with a few contact meetings and regular online co-ordination.

The intern should have regular access to a laptop, computer or tab with internet connection.

The duration is flexible, and the internship can be either focused on a particular project, or can include multiple projects. We will give the intern initial guidance but they should be self-driven and able to seek new solutions to get the job done.

Some projects may involve going on field for surveying instead of working on a computer.

Accommodation is not provided, but if a full-time intern is also willing to work on hands-on sustainability related work then they can come stay with one of the co-founders Nikhil at a farm about 6 hours from Pune and work from there. (contact Nikhil for talking about this)


Since we are a volunteer based group, we cannot promise any monetary stipend for the internship as of now. In case we are able to get funding for the project the intern is working on (something that even the intern could help with, like organizing a crowdfunding campaign), we will share remuneration with the intern on the basis of work done. We will aim to keep expenses down to minimal and reimburse the intern for project-specific expenses if any.

For colleges, schools

Looking forward to collaboration with your esteemed institution. If you have students looking for internships then please pass this email on to them and let’s connect soon. We could also come visit your college and talk about our work and internship opportunities if there is an audience of at least 30 and if we can meet the faculty in charge of project allocation. Else we can arrange to meet interested interns informally.

Directly apply

Interested interns - students or others - may apply directly by sending an email to pune (@) datameet.org and nikhil.js (@) gmail.com . Mention “internship” in the subject line. Please include a basic listing of your skill sets.

Note: CV/Resume isn’t necessary, please don’t waste time in making one just for applying - we won’t read it anyway and we honestly do not care about your marks.

Mention if you are interested in any specific project listed on https://datameet-pune.github.io/ or a social issue that you feel passionate about,

We will prefer small teams of two to four interns. If you apply individually, you may be put in a team or may be working individually only, depending on project’s requirements.

To converse about this further, please whatsapp Nikhil on +91-966-583-1250.


22 July 2017: https://www.meetup.com/DataMeet-Pune/events/241877476/